4. No use of article is there after what kind of and                 When Meeta saw a girl the mother came in her.
what sort of.                                                                                            ̄
          For example,                                                                                the love of mother
          What kind of a boy he is.                   —wrong         6. The is used before the names of :
          What kind of boy he is.                    —correct             Rivers                     Seas
          What sort of a novel it is.                 —wrong              Gulfs                      Deserts
          What sort of novel it is.                  —correct             Canals
     5. These are some uncountable nouns, so we should
                                                                     For example,
not use indefinite article before them.
                                                                          The Amazon                 The Indian Ocean
     Furniture     Stationery       Poetry         Scenery
                                                                          The Arabian Gulf           The Sahara Desert
     Perfumery Damage               Luggage        Baggage
     Postage       Haltage          Traffic        Offspring              The Panama Canal
     Information Advice             Abuse          Telephone         7. We place definite article The before the names of :
                                                                          Group of Islands           Series of Mountain
                      USE OF ‘THE’                                        Religious books/Holy Scriptures / Community
     2. The is called the Definite Article, because it points        For example,
out some particular person or thing.                                      The West Indies            The Rocky
     For example,                                                         The Mahabharata            The Gita
          He visited the minister.                                        The Hindu
              Means some particular minister.                        8. Definite article is used before the names of :
          She called the doctor.                                          Planes                     Ships
              Means some particular doctor                                Stars                      Newspapers
     The following rules are applied to in using The before               Musical instruments
definite noun.                                                       For example,
     1. Definite article The is used before a noun if it is               The Pawan Hans             The Titanic
used before relative pronoun stressly.                                    The Sun                    The Times of India
          For example,                                                    The Guitar                    The Prince of Wales
              She is a girl who sings ghazal.        —wrong          9. We use The before Comparative Degree if it is used
              She is the girl who sings ghazal.      —correct   for two, or, it is used in parallel.
              This is a bird which can fly.           —wrong         For example,
              This is the bird which can fly.        —correct        Which is the more beautiful the Himalayas or the Alps.
     2. The is placed after one of, each of, neither of, either      The more you labour the more you gain.
of, none of, everyone of etc.                                        Ramu is the better of the two.
          For example,                                                The higher you go, the lower is the wind.
              One of boys is absent.                  —wrong         10. If two proper nouns are compared, we use definite
              One of the boys is absent.             —correct   article before the last proper noun.
              Neither of girls is intelligent.       —wrong          For example,
              Neither of the girls is intelligent.   —correct             Sachin is the Lara of India.
              Either of men was present.              —wrong              Kalidas is the Shakespeare of India.
              Either of the men was present.         —correct        11. The is used before ordinals.
     3. The is used before the name of commission.                   For example,
          For example,                                                    The former                 The latter
              Verma commission is still functioning                       The first                  The second
                                                      —wrong              The last
              The Verma commission is still functioning.
                                                                          The Ist division                          —wrong
                                                                          The IInd division                         —wrong
     4. If Adjective is followed by proper Noun use The
                                                                          The IIIrd division                        —wrong
before that adjective.
                                                                     12. The issued before the names of some countries
          For example,
                                                                and organisations.
              We love immortal Gandhi.                —wrong
                                                                     For example,
              We love the immortal Gandhi.           —correct
                                                                          The United States          The United Kingdom
                                 ̄            ̄                             The Yemen
                            Adjective Proper Noun                         The United Nations Organisation
     5. Whenever common Noun is used as adjective it is              13. The is used before the name of grand buildings
preceded by definite article The.                               and movements.
          For example,                                               For example,
          When Ritesh found a boy the father came in him.                 The Taj Mahal              The Qutub Minar
                                             ̄                             The Charminar              The Jama Masjid
                                     the love of father                   The Lotus Temple