20. If who / which / that is used in the form of a                  (i) A or An is called the Indefinite Article because it
relative pronoun, then the verb to follow depends on the              leaves indefinite the person or thing spoken of.
number and person of its antecedent.                                      For example,
      Examples:                                                                A boy means any boy.
            I, who            am a doctor, practice here.                      A teacher means any teacher.
                                                                                                USE OF ‘A’
               ̄                  ̄                                         1. If consonant is the first letter of a countable singular
      Relative Pronoun Sing. Verb                                     common noun, we use ‘A’ before it.
            The men who           are present here did not vote.               For example,
                       ̄            ̄                                                 Sakshi has book                       —wrong
      Relative pronoun      Plural verb                                             Sakshi has a book                    —correct
                                                                                    I met girl there                      —wrong
      Look at the example below.
                                                                                    I met a girl there                   —correct
      One of the problems / which was discussed / in the                  2. ‘A’ is used before some indefinite numbers.
                (A)                           (B)                              For example,
      conference / was raised by him. / No error                                    a lot of                a number of
            (C)              (D)                    (E)                             a great deal of         a half of
      In this sentence (in Part B), ‘was’ should be replaced                        a large number of
by ‘were’; because, ‘which’ is a relative pronoun and its                           a quarter of
antecedent ‘the problems’ is plural. So accordingly, the verb             3. ‘A’ can be used before some indefinite collective
will also be a plural one.                                            numbers.
                                                                               For example,
      21. If certain expressions like unfulfilled wish / condi-
                                                                                    a team of               a gang of
tion / desire in the present state is to be brought into ex-
                                                                                    a flock of              a herd of
pression – with the use of if / as if / as though / I wish /
                                                                                    a swarm of              a panel of
it is time / it is high time, etc. along with which ‘to be’ is
                                                                                    a bunch of
used, then only its ‘were’ form is used provided whatever
                                                                          4. If an adjective is followed by a singular noun, we
be the number and person of the subject.
                                                                      use ‘A’ before that adjective.
      Example:                                                                 For example,
         I wish I             were an angel.                                        Madhuri is beautiful girl             —wrong
            ̄                      ̄                                                  Madhuri is a beautiful girl          —correct
      Unfulfilled wish       Plural verb                                                               ̄          ̄
                                                                                                   Adjective Noun
      Look at the example below.
      If I was you / I would have requested / the workers /                         Reema has a good health               —wrong
            (A)                 (B)                         (C)                     Reema has good         health        —correct
      to complete / the work today itself. / No error.                                              ̄          ̄
                              (D)                       (E)                                    Adjective    Adjective
      In this sentence (in Part A), ‘were’ should be used in                   For example,
place of ‘was’; because, in the present state to denote un-                    whenever a noun is not used after Adjective we
fulfilled wish / condition / desire, etc. – with if / as if / as      do not use article before it.
though / I wish / it is time / it is high time, etc. ‘to be’ is                For example,
used, then its ‘were’ form is only used.                                            A proper respect
      22. If two pronouns are joined with and, then it takes                              ̄         ̄
a plural verb.                                                                      Adjective Adjective
      Examples:                                                                     A proper respect
                I and      he         are liable.                                         ̄          ̄
              ̄           ̄              ̄                                             Adjective     Adjective
       Pnonoun Pronoun           Plural verb                                        In a fit
            You and      she      have climbed the tree.                                  ̄
             ̄            ̄            ̄                                               Adjective
       Pronoun        Pronoun      Plural verb                                      In a temper
                         ARTICLES                                                       Adjective
                                                                               The above examples are all correct.
      ‘‘An article is a word or a letter which is used before
                                                                          5. ‘A’ is used at the place of ‘per’.
noun and tells about the certainty of that noun’’.
                                                                               Petrol is sold at Rs. twenty-five a litre.
      There are two kinds of articles :
      (i) Indefinite articles..................................A/An                                                  ̄
      (ii) Definite article....................................The                                                  per